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AWARENESS RETURNS WITH A DEPARTING TRAIN'S PIERCING WHISTLE. You're left standing on a station platform; in the rush of metal and steam, the lamp light casts weak, amber globes across the others standing with you. The last echoes of the train give way to the beat of swing jazz music, too far-off to place, and tall buildings in the distance draw shadows across the night sky, flickers of neon offering welcoming flashes. Maybe the music and architecture is nostalgic— it's all circa 1920, from the benches at the station to the dated clock face.

But wherever you were before is a universe of train stations away, as distant as any hope of escape. Even under the lights it's impossible to shake the chill workings its fingers down your spine. Check the shadows, watch your back, peek in the corners all you want: your fingers grasp nothing. Nothing but dust.

But that doesn't mean whatever’s out there won’t find

    EXIT VOID is a panfandom survival horror game set in the city of Zelien with 1920s flare and a Lovecraftian twist. From time to time there will be cracks in the fabric of reality, allowing characters to visit different canon locations. The stay is never long, though it may just seem like an eternity— and as much as you'll want to go back, Zelien itself has its own share of nightmares, watching and waiting patiently for your return.

    ⇢ This is the NETWORK COMMUNITY. Here your character can post using video, audio, or text. Please remember to tag your new posts with *[week number], #[post medium], and character's name. When you tag another's post, please tag it with character's name.

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